TYPE OF WORK. The duties include but are not limited to the following:
2.1 Dental practice, management of patients, and dental prescriptions will be accomplished in
accordance with applicable AFMS clinical practice guidelines and JCAHO/HSI standards
and instructions set forth in facility where privileges are awarded.
2. 2 Examines, diagnoses and treats disease, abnormalities, injuries and dysfunctional
disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures.
2.3 Examines patients and interprets radiographs and diagnostic tests to determine type and
extent of dental diseases and disabilities or dysfunctions.
2.4 Evaluates findings and prescribes type, extent, and order of treatment. Refers nondental
problems to appropriate medical specialty. Restores health and function of carious,
fnctured, otherwise defective teeth.
2.5 Performs routine preventive, periodontal, oral surgery, endodontic, and prosthodontic
2.6 Provides consultation services.
2. 7 Performs comprehensive dental functions. Performs complex dental treatment procedures
in the absence of specialist.
2.8 May serve as preceptor for general dentistry residency programs.


Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC
United States
Minimum qualification: 

1.1 Shall hold a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine degree from an
American Dental Association accredited college or university.
1.2 Shall have and maintain an active, valid unrestricted, current dental license (with no
limitations, stipulations or pending adverse actions) in a US jurisdiction. License must
correspond to DEA registration number.
1.3 Possess a valid Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number in order to write prescriptions
for controlled substances.
1.4 Shall have one (1) year of experience performing clinical dentistry out of the last 18

Full time
Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC
Clearance type: 
Position of Trust
Secondary Location Category: 
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